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Six A Side Turnier in Pfaffenhofen


BCV Six a Side Cricket Tournament to be held on Sunday the 19th of March.



The official adress is:

Scheyererstrasse 51, 85276 Pfaffenhofen,


Note: Entrance is on the other side of Scheyererstrasse 70 after a little parking place.



DCB / Fixtutre list 2017


DCB Over 45 Super Series
8 July 2017 North Germany
15 July 2017 South Germany
26 August 2017 Finals


DCB Youth Day
29 April 2017 South Germany


DCB Under 19 Super Series
27 May 2017 North Germany
10 June 2017 South Germany
8 July 2017 Final


DCB Super series

22-23. April 2017
Hessen Thunders vs. BW Sharks 
Eastern Bears vs. 
Bavarian Lions
Western Eagles vs. Northern Seals


6.-7. May 2017
BW Sharks vs. Eastern Bears 
Northern Seals vs. Hessen Thunders

Bavarian Lions vs. Western Eagles


1.-2. July 2017
Hessen Thunders vs. Western Eagles
BW Sharks vs. 
Bavarian Lions
Eastern Bears vs. Northern Seals


22.-23. July 2017
Western Eagles vs. BW Sharks
Northern Seals vs.  
Bavarian Lions
Hessen Thunders vs. Eastern Bears





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