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DK Jain appointed BCCI ombudsman (Thu, 21 Feb 2019)
The appointment was announced in the Supreme Court, which is yet to decide on the appointment of a third member of its Committee of Administrators
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Hardik Pandya ruled out of Australia T20s and ODIs (Thu, 21 Feb 2019)
the BCCI said that Pandya was suffering from "lower back stiffness", and will recover in Bangalore's National Cricket Academy
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BCV youth cricket tournament 2013

Over the past decade the Bavaria Youth Championships initiated by Mike Kwan has grown from one hall and few teams to one of the largest youth cricket events in Europe. The Bavaria Youth Championships in 2013 was the most ambitious to date with over 150 participants spread across three locations and skill groups. 22 Teams participated in the event in Munich having come from various parts of Germany as well as from Switzerland, Austria and Slovakia. Mike Kwan, the tournament director, has always placed firm emphasis on making sure all youth get a chance to participate and learn to enjoy competitive cricket and this year was a huge success in that regard.
Beginners Section – Bavarian International School (BiS) Hall, Haimhausen.
With 10 teams of 6 a side and over 60 kids aged from 6 to 11, the beginners section at the BiS was for many kids their very first cricket tournament yet the kids played with infectious enthusiasm all weekend long. The Austrian Cricket Club of Vienna at such a young age showed immense discipline and professionalism to win the tournament with the Quentin Blake Europe School of Berlin coming in second. Chris Neath in only his second year as a cricket coach did a fantastic job coordinating with the school and the parents of the Bavarian Participants to ensure that the event was well run and catered as well as running the tournament with Mike Kwan.
Intermediate Section – European School of Munich Hall, Neuperlach.
6 teams playing 8 a side saw some smart cricket played with shot placement and fielding skills being a key factor. The Austrian Cricket Club of Vienna U15 team also here exemplified that diligence with the basics is a critical factor to victory with tight bowling lines and fantastic disciplined fielding. The final two games (Zürich v. ACC U13, Wiesbaden v. QBS Berlin) in the round robin tournament were absolute crackers coming down to the final few over in each match. Within just one weekend the amount that was learnt by participants of all teams was phenomenal. The coaches and parents of all participating teams deserve a special mention for maintaining a fantastic atmosphere and upholding the spirit of cricket. At this level young players acutely feel the emotions of winning, losing and the pressure of a tight game and all the coaches ensured that the spirit of cricket in competition was upheld.
Open Youth Section – Tegernsee 
The open Youth Section in Tegernsee is a real final test for young players on the verge of entering the adult cricket world. The standard of cricket was outstanding and made for some intense games. In the end the club from Frankfurt, Hessen won the tournament with ACC Vienna second and the Rosenheim Tigers played bravely for third with Saleem Khan Ibrahimi playing both days despite an injured knee. A special mention goes to John Durn, Phil Wasiewicz and Aamruth for a marathon 10 hour nonstop session of umpiring and scoring followed by another big 5 hour session Sunday. The Bavaria Championships rely on volunteer time and effort and for these three gentlemen to invest so much time and travel goes beyond reasonable expectations and for that we are extremely grateful.

Special Thanks
With the Bavaria Championships growing every year we become increasingly reliant upon the goodwill and volunteer work of parents and local cricket organisations. 2013 saw a massive turnout of help from the local Bavarian Cricket Clubs. Without their help this tournament would not have been anywhere near as successful. The Bavarian Clubs this year were exemplary in showing that involvement from all fans and players of cricket will help it to grow as a major European sport. The tournament also relies heavily on the willingness between teams and coaches to cooperate and uphold the spirit of the tournament. In 2013 every single visiting team and coach deserve to be applauded not just for the cricket they played but for how they played and the respect shown to each other.
Thanks for time volunteered:
Brian Mantle of the Deutsche Cricket Bund, Lal Wijesinghe of the Bayerischer Cricket Verband
Munich Cricket Club: in particular Desmond Bradley, Igor Sestan, Daniel Garner, Amith Sarma, Daniel Weston, Nicholas Staub, Gary Martin and Tony Blades
Cricket Club of Bavaria: in particular Giri Krishnan, Mikey and Mohsin 
Munich International Cricket Club: in particular John Durn, Johnson Rajdaniel & Nath Rajendra
Serendib Cricket Club: in particular Lal Wijesinghe and Milan Fernando 
Tegernsee Cricket Club: in particular Maximilian Höck and Aamruth
Uday Kapadia from Lufthansa Services Cricket Club
Phil Wasiewicz, Alan Dobson, Rob Wollaston and all the parents of Bavarian participants in the tournament.
Thanks for donations, financial support or use of facilities:
Siegfried Franz for the donation of cricket equipment
Munich Cricket Club for financial support
Bayerische Cricket Verband and Deutsche Cricket Bund for financial support
Grey Nichols Cricket Equipment
European School of Munich & Bavarian International School
All parents of the local Bavarian teams for providing snacks and refreshments over the weekend.

Maharadscha indisches Restraurant Rosenheim and Munich Boys Cricket Club for subsidized catering of the Tegernsee Youth section.

Robert Plant 2013