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Live report - England v India, 3rd Test (Sat, 18 Aug 2018)
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Sushil Nadkarni and Atul Rai agree to split term on USA Cricket board after election deadlock (Sat, 18 Aug 2018)
The election for the post of league director ended in a deadlock, with both candidates receiving 12 votes each
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Bayerischer Cricket Verband - Mitglieder Informationen


Funktionsadressen des Bayerischen Cricket Verbandes e.V.

Funktionsadressen des Bayerischen Cricket Verbandes e.V.
20180619 Funktionsadresse[...]
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Season: 2018



Rohit Goyal:  / 01723420453


Roushan Kumar Singh:


Siegfried Stindl:


Uday Kapadia:


Raman S. Raveendran:


Satya Prakash Sahoo: umpire@Cricket.Bayern


Muhammad Salim Ahmadzai: youthofficer@Cricket.Bayern


Monique Theron: womensofficer@Cricket.Bayern


Sandeep Choudhary: webmaster@Cricket.Bayern